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robotJAM's News

Posted by robotJAM - December 9th, 2015

Only 4 years since I last updated my news ! Here's a video for our latest one which is on mobile, hopefully the web version will be published soon. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turbonuke.soccerrampage

Posted by robotJAM - March 7th, 2011

My latest game hambo, 36 levels of pig blasting action. Hope you like it.


Hambo !

Posted by robotJAM - December 1st, 2010

Flaming Zombooka 2 is uploaded to Newgrounds, get your daily dose of zombie bashing action !

Flaming Zombooka2

Flaming Zombooka 2

Posted by robotJAM - September 2nd, 2010

Soccerballs is now available on the android if you have an android phone. We have changed the name though to red card rampage. If you liked the flash version the android version is really nice. A really faithful conversion.

If you want to play soccerballs on flash to see if you like the android you can find the flash version here.

Soccer Balls flash version

If you want to find the android version either search for "red card rampage" or scan the bar code in the picture.

Soccer Balls android version

Posted by robotJAM - August 3rd, 2010

Latest game from robotJAM and Rob Donkin, and yes its another point and click adventure game but, shock horror it doesnt have a panda in it. This one is a surreal adventure game set across several planets where you have to solve puzzles in order to put a machine back together.

If you liked the panda games I hope you like this one.

Play The Dreamers

The Dreamerz

Posted by robotJAM - June 9th, 2010

latest game from me and longanimals, have fun kicking those refs heads off.

soccer Balls

Soccer Balls

Posted by robotJAM - April 8th, 2010

BluCat is the latest game from Longanimals and robotjam, this is a simple block game where you have to feed flys to frogs, frogs to birds and anything to bomb bugs. A variation on the match 3 genre with cute artwork and animation.

Hope you like it.

BluCat puzzly game

Posted by robotJAM - February 25th, 2010

Blockular is an award winning puzzle game by LongAnimals and RobotJam bought to the iPhone and iPod Touch. You play on a multicoloured grid of blocks where you have to collapse blocks in all directions to manoeuvre your characters around the grid to reach their goals.

Now available on iphone

Blockular iphone

Posted by robotJAM - January 5th, 2010

The latest game from me in collaboration with jimp (dog animation and poo poos) and Shockwood (coder). A pleasure to work on this comedy dog racing sim which has been planned for some time.

Hope you like it.

Gone to the Dogs

Gone to the dogs

Posted by robotJAM - October 22nd, 2009

The sequel to sniper year one is finally released, I tweaked the engine a lot on this to hopefully create a better game.

Play it on Sniper Year 2