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Vey amusing

Really nice game, like the style. The one thing I found slightly annoying though was going from one screen to another, especially through doors.

very entertaining though, I love the mini game bit with the man on the garage roof.

Nice for kids

A nice kids game, however why the loading dummy screen ? Its a bit irritating, also the way the music keeps swithcing on and off from one screen to another is slightly annoying.


Awesomely good space shooter, nice and hardcore, none of this easy peasy rubbish.


very slicky put together, it did make my head hurt though afetr a while :)

RJGames responds:

Thanks for reviewing, robotJAM! It's an honour!

I'm glad you liked the presentation, that was my priority in this game

Nice game

Has the potential to be really great, however does have a few bigs which have been mentioned before, if you get rid of the bugs I'd definitely go for 4/5 but with them its a bit annoying so I only could give 3/5.

Please fix the bugs as its a great concept.

Like it

Graphically really polished, nice work on the game and the artwork. I had to turn the sound off though as the click noise sounds almost like a snake spitting vemon down a sheet of sandpaper. It's also really loud.

Overall though a nice block puzzle game.

Nice Job

Good effort for a room escape game, I like the notepad inventory system, quite unique.

Obviously you know the fact it has no audio and the graphics are a bit basic let it down, if you get decent artwork and sounds a sequel should be great.

ODD-1 responds:

i know those are let downs... :(

Thanks for the review :D

LIked the first one

LIked the first banana dash and like this one too, deserves a better score than 3.2


love it, great game, really nice platformer, very slickly coded. Like all the moves your guy can perform.

Also a great mix of artwork and sounds, the only thing I don't like is the voice over but that's being ultra picky.

Nice game

Generally a really nice idea, I like the dimension thing, very cool, the tutorial was a little slow though I kept thinking "GET ME INTO THE ACTION".

The one big problem I had was warping slowed my machine down a lot so it made it hard to play.

Overall though pretty nice game.


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